Who We Are

The AllInOne Project is a grassroots membership organization dedicated to advocating for individuals serving long-term prison sentences, to ensure they are treated fairly within the system and receive meaningful opportunities for rehabilitation and release.  AllInOne Project was founded by Gwendolyn Fields, Wadress Metoyer, Ben Jones,  Omar Muhammad, Andre Armstrong, Alicia Lopez and Diniki Burks.

The organization’s membership consists of individuals impacted by the criminal justice system, including, among others, individuals serving life sentences, family members of these individuals, “lifers groups” made up of individuals serving life sentences at various Oklahoma prisons, and individuals serving the parole terms equivalent to life sentences.

The AllInOne Project has advocated on behalf of its membership with a focus on changing the policies and practices that deny its lifer members a meaningful opportunity for release, and educating the public about the ways in which the state’s contracting with corporations harm its members and targets human beings for incarceration for profit.

What We Do

AllInOne Project has requested that the United States Department of Justice intervene in their federal lawsuit against Governor Mary Fallin and take over operation of the Oklahoma prison system and parole board.
On August 23, 2017, AllInOne filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma (Case Number CIV-17-908-D) initially requesting that the Court:

  • Order appointment of a Special Master for the calculation of the appropriate prison capacity in the Oklahoma prison system based on all relevant factors, i.e. the actual Oklahoma state prison bed space, the number of people currently incarcerated; the rate of actual violent crime in the state; the number of prisoners in county jails waiting for prison beds; prisoners currently serving disproportionate sentences non-violent offenses, and other factors the court deems relevant.
  • Order that Defendant Fallin ensure that all parole hearings are conducted five days per week, four weeks per month, until every statutorily eligible prisoner is paroled or provided with a substantive report that justifies denial and explains what actions the prisoner can take to gain favorable recommendation.
  • Order a Special Master to oversee and provide monthly reports on all operations of the parole board while the litigation is in progress.
  • Declare that the 98% occupancy guarantee contracts with for-profit prisons in Oklahoma are unconstitutional and Order that they be dissolved.
  • Release all prisoners being held on ICE detainers to those detainers, rather than being held in Oklahoma prisons.

Set Plaintiffs’ claims for actual and punitive damages against Defendants CCA and GEO Group for jury trial seeking monetary damages to be paid into a fund that will be used exclusively for prisoner re-entry programs.

The Lawsuit

Oklahoma has a unique history of inequitable and disproportionate sentencing of people of color and poor people. Oklahoma incarcerates more women than any other place in the world; it incarcerates African American men at a rate higher than any place in the world; it has the highest prison homicide rate in the country; and, as the FBI crime data showed a decrease in crime, the prison population inexplicably yet drastically increased.

Oklahoma earned the above reprehensible distinctions and others, such as ranking near dead last among the states in education spending, after the state engaged in contracting with for-profit prisons twenty years ago. Corrections spending has become a matter of great public interest because, as a consequence of spending on contracting with for-profit prison corporations, the state is now experiencing an unprecedented budget shortfall.